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5 charts that explain why Obama wants to clamp down on airplane emissions

Air travel is the largest unregulated source of carbon pollution in the U.S. -- but not for long.

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Fracking could pollute drinking water, EPA says

But there's not much evidence that it has so far -- in part because oil and gas companies won't share their data.

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CIA to close a secretive climate change science program

Scientists used the Medea program to study how global warming could worsen conflict. Now that project has come to an end.

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The developing world is beating the U.S. at clean energy

Developing countries are poised to lead the world on clean energy investment.


Chris Christie accepts the reality of climate change — and doesn’t want to do a damn thing about it

The presidential wannabe isn't a climate denier, yet he opposes cap-and-trade and just about anything else that might curb emissions.


These 2 heroic scientists died while studying the climate

Marc Cornelissen and Philip de Roo were studying the Arctic's lowest winter ice cover on record. Then they fell through it.

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Could wildfires undermine California’s grand climate goals?

California has the most ambitious climate plan in the nation, but if it loses too many trees to fire, it will have a hard time meeting its targets.

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California wildfire conditions are a “recipe for disaster”

It's already looking bad, and it's going to get worse.

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Can Obama fix Japan’s broken climate plan?

The Fukushima disaster screwed up Japan's climate strategy.