Tim McDonnell

Tim McDonnell is a Climate Desk associate producer. Read more of his stories here or follow him on Twitter.

Climate & Energy

Look what’s slowing down global warming

It's us! Turns out temperatures would be higher if not for a 1987 pact to slash CFCs.

Climate & Energy

For climate scientists, shutdown casts long shadow

An Antarctic scientist explains how the impacts of the shutdown could be felt for years to come.

Climate & Energy

Watch: Drought-hardy barley could save your beer

In Germany, scientists are trying to engineer drought-resistant barley to help prevent famines (and keep Oktoberfest's beer supply flowing).

Climate & Energy

Video: Fly along with NASA’s cloud hunters

Climb aboard NASA's biggest flying laboratory to discover the climate change secrets of clouds.

Climate & Energy

7 adorable animals imperiled by the Keystone XL pipeline

The Interior Department says that, contrary to State Department findings, the pipeline could wreak havoc on wildlife along its proposed route.

Climate & Energy

2012: A year of broken climate records

Hot air, rising seas, and other findings from NOAA's latest State of the Climate report.

Climate & Energy

Global warming could cause 50 percent increase in violent conflict

Scientists see fresh evidence of a strong link between climate change and violence.

Climate & Energy

Could greenhouse gases turn Earth into Venus?

Yes, but not anytime soon.

Climate & Energy

Claws and effect: Climate change turns lobsters into cannibals

In warming seas, even lobsters think lobster is delicious. (Terrifying video included!)

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