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Angry tweets from Republican leaders on the Keystone XL decision

Paul Ryan called the president's rejection of the pipeline "sickening."

Climate & Energy

Wildfires, droughts, and frigid winters: Which natural disasters did climate change make worse?

A study found that some extreme weather events are strongly influenced by climate change, while others are hardly linked to it at all.

Business & Technology

Porsche cheated on emissions tests too, EPA says

The EPA is expanding its diesel emissions investigation to Volkswagen's luxury brands.


This ad might be one of the only factual things you’ll hear during the Republican debate

The 30-second commercial about climate change is part of a TV ad buy from NextGen Climate.

Climate & Energy

Indonesia’s huge fires might be the worst climate change crisis on Earth right now

The deforestation nightmare in Indonesia is choking thousands and making climate change worse.


Coal-friendly states sue over Obama’s Clean Power Plan

The plan was just formally published Friday morning, but it already faces legal challenges from 24 states.


Donald Trump is wrong about climate change — again

We just had the hottest September on record -- but you’d never know from the Donald’s recent tweet.


Check out Obama’s latest tool in the push for climate action

The White House's newest Twitter handle is devoted to combating climate change.

Climate & Energy

Shell just abandoned its Arctic drilling plans

The company's exploratory well off the coast of Alaska proved disappointing, so it's pulling out of the region "for the foreseeable future."