Todd Hymas Samkara

Todd Hymas Samkara is Grist's assistant editor.

Panda-lovers watching panda lovers: voyeurism in black and white

Sorry, not really panda porn.

Given pandas' population difficulties, "getting it on" probably isn't something they engage in very often, but don't tell the world's eager panda-philes that. China has set up voyeur-friendly web cams that stream panda content live from the mountains of Sichuan …

Frog hunters and soccer stars of the Ukraine, unite!

Merely an excuse to mention the World Cup.

I'd been trying to find an excuse to mention the World Cup here, other than the Green Goal thingie. And here is an amusing, feeble (though legit) excuse. Frog Chorus Keeps Ukraine Soccer Players Awake Ukraine's World Cup players complained …


Wool and silk pass the test

Vindication is a strange animal (like unto a marmot, or maybe an echidna) creeping up where one least expects it. Such as the BBC yesterday. A fan, nay, a necessary devotee of natural-fiber clothing (see: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities), I often …

World Naked Bike Ride, take three

The Third Annual World Naked Bike Ride hit cities across the world this weekend, bringing attention to cycling, cyclists' rights, oil use, climate change, and, well, nudity for a good cause.


Move Thyself: Deer avoids car, hits man on bicycle

D'oh, a deer ... In other bicycle news, it seems the Chinese masses are increasingly trading in their classic cruiser-style Flying Pigeon bikes for cushy mountain bikes and higher tech road bikes (oh, and cars). Not a huge surprise, as …


The recipe for twins (sorry, vegans)

Attention female vegans (and no, I'm not soliciting romance, thanks): If you're dreaming of birthing twins, you may want to read this. Women who eat a vegan diet -- a strict vegetarian diet that excludes all animal products including milk …

Move Thyself: Post script: The thievery capitulation

As if this guy didn't already have enough interesting stories about decades spent cycling essentially nonstop around the world, here's one more:


Move Thyself: A tribute to fallen cyclists, and cycling away the gas-price blues

Tonight in some 200 U.S. cities (and six other countries), cyclists will be joining in the Ride of Silence to pay tribute to bicyclists who've been killed or injured on public roadways. And there are a lot. From the Seattle …

Rhymes with unanimity

Basically everyone agrees: we're full of chemicals. Hooray, agreement! Now what to do about it? Some California lawmakers are suggesting a program to monitor and catalog said chemicals in residents' bodies. Senate Bill 1379 would create the nation's first statewide …