Scary Food

Without GMO labels, we all eat in the dark [VIDEO]

Two new campaigns suggest that eaters are ready for a more transparent food system.

Climate & Energy

Critical List: Green jobs program flounders; India calls Monsanto out on biopiracy

Oof. Only 10 percent of people the Labor Department trained for green jobs have found work. Using solar energy to extract oil must be the ultimate example of greenwashing. In Afghanistan, networking generators together can relieve 7,900 fuel trucks of their duties and keep soldiers from …

Food Studies

Food Studies: The nose knows

The latest scientific research on smell and taste inspires Erin to brew a beer that is savory, sweet, spicy, and cold.

Industrial Agriculture

Water for crops, but farmworkers go thirsty

The water in California's Central Valley is so contaminated with nitrates from fertilizer runoff that the U.N. has placed it on a global list of places with "social problems linked to a lack of access to clean water" alongside Bangladesh, …

School Lunches

New Agtivists: FoodCorps foot soldiers

Meet three young members of FoodCorps, a new national program which asks young leaders to improve the food systems in limited-resource communities.

Sustainable Farming

Food Studies: Zombie worms and the ethics of consumption

Biodynamic agriculture may be sustainable and balanced, but it can also seem extremely brutal.

Business & Technology

As the 99 Percenters gather, 1 percent could make a difference

Vote with your wallet: Invest 1 percent of your savings in local food.


USDA offers help to beginning farmers. Will it be enough?

A new round of grants for beginning farmers worth $18 million promotes sustainable changes. But it's a just drop in the bucket compared to what we need.


Buy a $150,000 bag of onions to save a family farm

Oh man, you're probably wishing you hadn't spent that $4,500 on a Rick Perry head planter yesterday. If you'd saved it, you could have put it towards ... well, a bag of onions, but also they'll throw in some dirt!