How to date a vegan

Vegans are an elusive breed known for their hotness and dexterity with soy. Want to get frisky with one? Here's how, in Grist's TreeShagger column.

For when you karo too much

In honor of MLK, Jr. Day, my great-grandmother’s pecan pie recipe

In which I make peace with regular old corn syrup, and you should, too.

Food and the 'Beloved Community'

Reflections on community gardens and the legacy of MLK

We don't do King's memory justice unless we acknowledge that his work was profoundly unfinished. The class divide he feared has persisted and, in fact, grown more powerful. Perhaps most insidiously, that divide has entrenched itself in our food system.

Let them eat cake with strawberry milk

USDA releases new nutritional guidelines for school meals

The fight over the federal school lunch program is really a question of social justice for our times. Do the disadvantaged children for whom the program was designed deserve the chance to eat the same quality food as children from families who can afford to shop at a farmers market?

Soymilkin' it

How truly delicious tofu gets made [VIDEO]

Tofu master Minh Tsai of Hodo Soy Beanery in Oakland, Calif. explains how he makes artisanal, organic tofu that even Asians would enjoy eating, in this video by 'Food. Curated.'

Tom’s kitchen

Short-rib tacos for the occasional meat eater

I'm just back from Mexico -- and here is my tribute to the cooking of that country's great food markets.

Wake up and smell your vegetables, America!

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of fatness

When did a diet of processed, sugary junk foods become what "real Americans" eat? Messaging by Big Food -- echoed by a cynical GOP -- has taken many people hostage in what I call American Fast Food Syndrome. And it's killing us.

Peeling back the problems

Why the banana crisis doesn't make me stop worrying and love GMOs

The banana export market is dominated by a single variety that's being stalked by a ruinous blight, as a recent New Yorker article chronicles -- and even some sustainable-food folks think maybe a little genetic engineering is OK in this case. I take a look.

Seeding the argument

Worldwatch report highlights how lopsided discussion is about Africa, food, and biotechnology

How come we hardly see op-eds on what paved roads, improved sanitation, more efficient distribution networks, soil conservation and a reduction in food waste might do for world hunger?

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