U.S. government gives food speculators the thumbs up

Since the housing crash, food prices have been at the center of Wall Street speculator's games. Can government regulation make a difference?


Feeding frenzy: Who's behind the unsavory food stamp parodies

Two sensationalist videos about government food assistance have gotten the attention of conservatives recently. One may not be what it seems.


Chow-to: Make your own sea salt

Homemade sea salt captures the flavors of different coastlines in just a few tiny grains. A DIY salt maker shares her tips and tricks.


Grow a real garden in a LEGO greenhouse

Well, here's an innovative urban gardening solution -- a greenhouse made of transparent LEGO bricks that grows real plants in LEGO mulch.


People know how to eat better, they just can't afford it

We know, we know -- you just got done patting yourself on the back over that New York Times graphic showing that healthy food is cheaper than fast food. If you were operating on a …

Food Studies

Food Studies: reinventing the cheese wheel

Is there a science to how cheese tastes, and if so, can it be used to help artisanal food-producers?

Factory Farms

Who’s behind the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance and why it matters

In response to Food Inc., Michael Pollan, and the growing interest Americans are showing in their food system, Big Ag has rolled out an expensive PR campaign designed as a "preemptive strike" against antibiotic and …

Organic Food

Is my apple farmer shining me on? Ask Umbra on pesticides

A grower minimizes spraying fruit. Is that good enough? Umbra bites in.


Big Food exerts unhealthy influence on America's nutritionists

If their annual conference is any indication, the organization that defines nutrition in this country -- The American Dietetic Association -- works very closely with processed-food titans like Monsanto, Hershey's, Coca-Cola, and Cargill.