Organic Food

Nestle wants you to be scared of organic food

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe trots out tired and debunked arguments against organics, then reveals his company's foray into neutraceuticals, or disease-fighting foods.

Sustainable Food

On the road for food justice

The Food and Freedom Ride is a 2,000-mile voyage from Birmingham, Ala., to Detroit, intended to spread awareness about food justice issues in the US

Monsanto fail: GMO crops are losing their pest control powers

Monsanto crops bred to thwart western corn rootworms, which love eating corn roots, are no longer are doing their job. The rootworms developed a resistance to the natural pesticide the crops produced and are chowing down. …

Farmers Market

We need more markets — and veggie eaters

Rural residents tend to eat fewer fruits and veggies than their urban counterparts, despite living right next to the fields where produce is grown.


Waters runs deep: Chez Panisse at 40

Can slow-food pioneer and trailblazing chef Alice Waters transcend white-tablecloth exclusivity to change the way Americans eat?

Whole Foods will tell you how to eat healthy, for a price

Unable to tell shiitake from Shinola? Don't know sea bass from a hole in the ground? Don't worry -- as long as you're willing to pay a giant wad of cash every month, you never …

European farmers spend millions on knock-off pesticides

Buying a knock-off Louis Vuitton bag is one thing, but in Europe, farmers are buying knock-off pesticides. Counterfeit pesticides have become a multimillion industry over there, and if that sounds like bad news, it is: According …


Teen acres [VIDEO]

Here's a Portland project that enables kids to actually get paid to farm -- further proof that the city is on the cutting edge of farms and food.

Factory Farms

Forget potatoes: Idaho now grows CAFOs

Idaho rolls out the red carpet for industrial egg producers fleeing California's laws against confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs). Will they welcome the environmental disasters that come with them?