Do the locavore motions

The future of urban agriculture is not about the 10-mile diet

Urban agriculture is a movement in transition. Agriculture has a vital role to play in cities, but it must be done in a way that keeps the urban fabric intact.

Lunch counters

Americans hate feeding poor children at school

School food advocates -- myself included -- who would love nothing better than to see reheated chicken nuggets and tater tots replaced with fresh food cooked from scratch, need to wise up to the fact that most Americans just don't care.


We agree: Oil companies should support Victory Gardens

A 1944 ad by the oil behemoth's old incarnation, Standard Oil of California, exhorts Americans to grow their own food -- and buy fertilizer to do so.

Tough spuds

Author Carol Deppe on growing 'lots of delicious food for the least possible work'

In her new book The Resilient Gardener, Carol Deppe shows how global climate change impacts your backyard veggie patch. Here, she tells Grist about why gardeners should forget the "perfect" garden and start cultivating resilience along with good grub.

Double Down syndrome

Memo to KFC: Using butts to sell breasts isn't new — just a new low

Why KFC's new Double Down marketing campaign is doubly gross.

You win some, you booze some

Green-minded dinner theater's 'Sauced' buzzworthy, but not intoxicating

Innovative dinner theater Cafe Nordo's most recent production delves into the deliciously dark world of drinking. But will it be a smashed hit?

Big fish, small ponds

Walmart doubles down on local food

For the second time, the global retail giant Walmart, by far the nation's largest grocer, is rolling out an initiative to localize its food buying.

King Corn, meet King Pyrrhus

EPA hands the ethanol lobby a hollow victory

The corn lobby got what it's been clamoring for: the EPA lifted its "blend wall" on ethanol mixes to 15 percent. There's a catch, though, that will make King Corn's victory downright Pyrrhic.

For sale: Ivory tower, needs new foundation

The 'Troubled Waters' of Big Ag’s academic influence

Under pressure from Big Ag, the University of Minnesota postponed the release of a film about agriculture's effect on U.S. waterways. The story of Troubled Waters has developed into a critical debate on academic freedom and the role a university’s donors should play in its research priorities.

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