settle up

Nearly $100 million is now headed to Flint to swap out old pipes.

Residents won't get the door-to-door water delivery they sought, but the city will get new copper pipes.

It’s official: Oil is making its way through the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Crude oil is now under North Dakota's Lake Oahe, in an area held sacred by the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux tribes.

Trump’s executive order is a “declaration of war” on our clean energy future

It’s even worse than you thought.

Why water is so sacred to Native Americans

“Water is life” has become a protest anthem, but why?


Keystone XL is approved. Apply now for 35 permanent pipeline jobs.

That's it.

The Leaden State

The lead poisoning of Flint’s children pales in comparison to rates found in parts of California.

In one section of Fresno, the rate of childhood lead poisoning is nearly three times higher than in the Michigan city.

A rolling Keystone gathers no moss

The Trump administration is about to officially OK the Keystone XL pipeline.

The State Department says it will approve a permit for TransCanada to build the tar-sands pipeline.

Meet the fixer: This politician fights for polluted communities.

Elected officials don't speak out against environmental injustice. Nanette Barragán fights for polluted communities.

Good nature

To reduce obesity and depression, we need more nature in our lives.

People who live near green spaces are generally happier and report better physical and mental health.