Climate & Energy

Biggers to Obama: Free Appalachia from coal

Jeff Biggers suggests an ambitious and risky Appalachian strategy for Barack Obama: By the 1920s, plundered for their coal and unable to compete with the non-union labor in Kentucky and West Virginia, the southern Illinois …


Bill Richardson endorses Barack Obama for president

Sen. Barack Obama has been endorsed for president by New Mexico governor and former presidential racer Bill Richardson. Among other things, said Richardson, Obama “will make the historic and vital investments into renewable energy, to …

Business & Technology

One last word from the National Green Jobs Conference

I’ll soon be tackling new eco-job and career issues, but I’ve got one last piece of business related to my time at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference last week. I’ve recounted what happened and …

Climate & Energy

McCain’s crooked talk on nuclear power

This week John McCain has an article in the Financial Times: "America must be a good role model." It has two paragraphs on the need for leadership on greenhouse gas reductions but endorses only one …


Feds approve floating liquefied-natural-gas terminal in Long Island Sound

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Thursday approved a $700 million floating liquefied-natural-gas terminal to be built in the middle of Long Island Sound. The energy companies Shell and TransCanada are partners in the project, …


Enviros file supreme suit to stop border wall

Sierra Club and Defenders of Wildlife have filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court challenging elements of the REAL ID act, which gives Secretary of Homeland Security the power to waive any environmental laws …


Clinton’s MTR comments spark outrage

Hillary Clinton’s wishy-washy, confused comments on mountaintop-removal mining yesterday have set off an internet sh*tstorm. Appalachian Voices rounds up the outrage.

How green is your candidate? Info on the 2008 presidential contenders

A look at Ralph Nader’s environmental platform and record

Updated 22 Aug 2008 Ralph Nader. Though Ralph Nader is running as an independent and not under the Green Party banner this time around, he still has some serious small-G green cred (at least among …


The money we’ve spent on the five-year Iraq War could have shifted the world to renewables

Today is the five-year anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War. I don’t have a whole lot to say about it that other people haven’t said better. I would just stress one point: People …