Breaking: EPA announcing ruling on California waiver at 6:30 Eastern

The EPA just sent out an email advisory saying that Administrator Stephen Johnson will announce the agency’s decision on the California air standards waiver … …

Greens for McKinney

Ex-Georgia Rep. to run for president on Green Party ticket

Apparently Cynthia McKinney has announced a presidential run as Green Party candidate. This development is sure to have explosive effects on the presidential contest. And …

What are they waiting for?

A new site asks political talk show hosts to address climate change

In my introduction to Grist’s presidential forum on climate, I mentioned a statistic that came to me from Gene Karpinski of the League of Conservation …

Bush, Suboleski, and Blankenship

Bush appoints mountaintop-removal mining exec to key DOE position

Yesterday we learned that the Bush administration has appointed Stanley Suboleski to the position of assistant secretary for fossil energy for the Dept. of Energy. …

Omnibus spending bill passes Senate

And I guess that's all I have to say about that.

A 'staffer' speaks

Republicans oppose EPA mandate

David Freddoso of National Review learns from a Republican staffer: Actually, the Department of Energy already produces numbers on greenhouse emissions, even state-by state numbers. But these are based on voluntary reporting and reliable estimates and formulas -- there is no "mandatory reporting." So I would not panic, but this does appear to be a change for the worse. Congress is already making a bi-partisan war on America's energy producers and consumers (i.e., everyone) with the Energy Bill they will pass today. It is only a matter of time before climate alarmism adds still more to the already expanding burden on everyone in the form of higher gasoline prices and electricity bills. Look out! The regulations are coming!

Bush signs diluted energy bill into law

President Bush today signed an energy bill into law that the House passed yesterday and the Senate passed last week. The bill increases fuel-economy standards …

'It never would have been this milquetoast without my efforts!'

Does Bush deserve credit for the energy bill?

Let’s review what happened with the energy bill: The House and Senate each voted through energy bills. The Senate’s had a CAFE boost and a …

Germany’s Social Democrats call for climate sanctions on U.S. goods

Angered by what it sees as America’s climate inaction and obstructionism, the Social Democratic Party in Germany has called for sanctions on imports of energy-intensive …