The presidential race has been sucking up a lot of oxygen (and just plain sucking), but there are in fact other important races playing out across the country. Here are four Senate contests with notable green (or not-so-green) angles.

Massachusetts: Elizabeth Warren (D) vs. Scott Brown (R)

Elizabeth Warren is beloved by progressives across the country for her economic populism, and she’s getting a lot of love from the green community too. Even though environment and energy haven’t been major motivating issues for her, she calls for fast climate action and an emphasis on clean energy. Her opponent, incumbent Scott Brown, is one of the more centrist Republicans in the Senate, yet he’s getting a lot of hate from the green community. Brown has bucked his party on wind power, calling for extension of a key wind tax credit that Mitt Romney opposes. But he’s buddied up with Big Oil and the Koch brothers (he’s gotten about $333,000 in campaign cash from the oil and gas industry). He voted to push through the Keystone XL pipeline and maintain oil-industry subsidies (even while claiming said subsidies don’t exist). And he’s been wishywashy on climate science and has opposed EPA’s efforts to regulate CO2.

Poll check: Warren is up by three points.