Climate & Energy

New company says it can make better, cheaper biofuels

Picture a liquid fuel that is derived from the same feedstocks as cellulosic ethanol (switchgrass, sugar cane, corn stover) but contains 50% more energetic content and is made via a process that uses 65% less energy. Unlike cellulosic ethanol, this …


Why we may one day bitterly regret GM crops

Edible Media takes an occasional look at interesting or deplorable food journalism on the web. I spent the weekend in Atlanta at the first-ever U.S. Social Forum — an extremely interesting event, but not the place to go for someone …


Pesticide efficacy is decreasing

If you've ever colored Easter eggs -- I mean the old-fashioned way, with food-coloring, not with those plastic wraparounds -- then you know that when you mess up, you have two options: rinse them off with some white vinegar and …


Twice in one week!

Monsanto has barreled its way toward dominance over the global seed market with strong-arm tactics and friends in high places. As evidence of the former, the roguish company once threatened to sue me — then a neophyte blogger with 30 …


A guest blog from farmer’s rights legend Hope Shand

In the global fight to preserve what’s left of agricultural biodiversity from the ravages of the multinational chemical/seed giants and their government lackeys, no civil-society organization stands taller than the ETC Group. Among other projects, ETC documents the growing dominance …


The sorcerer’s apprentice running amok in ag?

Gene tampering (called "genetic modification" by the same people who call gambling "gaming" and sewer sludge "biosolids") is a terrible idea, said the "extreme environmentalists" who warned that, nature being what it is, it wouldn't be long before we would …


Also amusing

The Daily Show on cloned meat:

Genetically-modified malaria-resistant mosquitoes

But the Franken-mozzies will still bite … and their eyes glow red in the dark!

Genetically-engineered mosquitoes that cannot transmit malaria could help stop the spread of the illness, according to a report in the The Guardian and other publications.


Is Monsanto playing fast and loose with Roundup Ready Soybeans in Argentina?

Crying not for Argentina but for lost patent fees, Monsanto’s legal hacks are in European courts suing to block millions of tons of Argentine soybean meal from docking on the continent. Bean there, sprayed that. Photo: iStockphoto Monsanto says that …