Hot And Bothered

Spared by climate change: The 10 best cities to ride out hot times

Here are the places we’ll all be running to as the rest of the world goes to hell.

Screwed by climate change: 10 cities that will be hardest hit

We’ll all feel the heat, but some more than others. Here’s our salute to the cities most at risk as temperatures rise.

In GOP-run House, has science left the building?

Rep. Lamar Smith is calling for "thoughtful" discussion of climate change, but his main thought is just that we should approve Keystone XL. Here's what he and other Republicans are missing.

Manhattan to see more killer heat waves

Climate change is expected to boost the number of deaths in New York City's most densely populated borough, a new study finds.

Just in time for summer: Budget cuts force Forest Service to skimp on firefighters, trucks

Across-the-board spending cuts triggered by congressional uselessness will see more than 500 federal firefighting jobs cut this summer, despite the threat of major wildfires.

The most controversial chart in history, explained

Climate deniers threw all their might at disproving the famous "hockey stick" climate change graph. Here's why they failed.

Even in the best-case scenario, climate change will kick our asses

In his new book "Overheated," Andrew Guzman looks at the realities of human survival in an age of climate catastrophe. It's not going to be pretty.

Will cities ever get smart about water use?

Cities worldwide have dangerously unsustainable water supplies, says a new study. But making a deal with farmers could solve the crisis for many.

Heat of the moment: Welcome to Grist’s May theme

We're all getting warmer. This month, Grist will look at how and why, where and what now.