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I love Grist.
Al Gore is reshaping green journalism by luring a younger and wider audience with an approach that’s not so much dumbed down as smart-alecked up.
Outside magazine

Grist is the Colbert Report of climate change, the Daily Show of deforestation, the Oprah of oil dependency — except with real reporting and analytical journalism.
Time, April 2008

Often called ‘The Daily Show’ of the green space because it uses clever writing and wit to get younger people involved.

Serious and substantive.
Andy Revkin, The New York Times

Grist is a catalyst to stimulate thinking about the status quo.
Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University

Not that Grist isn’t serious, but it tends not to be gloomy. They’re not drinking the Kool-Aid — it’s more of a chaser.
Felicity Barringer, Environmental Correspondent, The New York Times

My favorite online environmental journal, the ever-engaging Grist.
Bill Moyers

I’m over in Iraq right now, and needless to say, Grist is the only up-to-date environmental lifeline I have.
John, Grist Reader, U.S. Air Force, Camp Ramadi, Iraq

Eco-warriors who will still laugh are a vanishing breed, but the ringleaders of this online zine muster wit and communal wisdom to report enviro news … Good stuff, this — definitely grist for the wild-land person’s mill.
Los Angeles Times

Grist is the best summary of what’s happening around the country and the world; it comes with a point of view, but it’s never dogmatic, and it’s always funny to boot. This is what the internet was made for!
Bill McKibben, author, The End of Nature

With a rich mix of hard-hitting eco-political coverage, practical tips, hopeful tales, and rib-tickling whimsy, Grist fulfills its tongue-in-cheek mission statement: ‘gloom and doom with a sense of humor.’
Utne 2003 Independent Press Award for Online Political Coverage

Grist remains, along with The New York Times, the one thing I read every day.
Mark Hertsgaard, author, Earth Odyssey

These days in Los Angeles, no-one would look into a stretch limo expecting to see a genuine celebrity. Instead, the truly famous are to be found in that unassuming Toyota Prius hybrid over the road, with copies of Grist, the environmentalist magazine, and William McDonough and Michael Braungart’s Cradle to Cradle eco-bible, on the passenger seat.
The Independent

Grist is one part humor, two parts smart analysis, and three parts timely environmental news. Add all that up, and you get a great service that makes my work as the head of the environmental movement’s political watchdog organization more effective, and more enjoyable, too.
Debra Callahan, president, League of Conservation Voters

As the head of research for the largest firm in the world analyzing corporate environmental and social performance, I receive a lot of environmental information. I don’t have time to read it all. I only read Grist because I have come to trust that it provides all the key information I need.
Frank Dixon, Managing Director, Innovest Strategic Value Advisors

I love Grist! Can I send you money?
Ann, Grist reader

Why yes, Ann, you can donate to Grist!