We at Grist have been writing about the throngs of GOP candidates this year who deny climate science and oppose efforts to address global warming, including many House hopefuls and nearly all Republicans running for Senate. Now we’ve got the goods on gubernatorial candidates, many of whom are just as skeptical. Some choice quotes: 

Tom Emmer

Minnesota governor candidate Tom Emmer (R)

“Radical activists are trying to convince us that everyday nutrients are causing cancer, that cows are causing ‘global warming,’ and that hogs are getting people sick. Logical people know otherwise,” he says on his campaign website. His site also bashes an opponent for having “jumped on the global warming bandwagon.”



Susana Martinez

New Mexico governor candidate Susana Martinez (R)

“I’m not sure the science completely supports that,” she told Politico when asked about the role of humans in climate change. 





Rick Scott

Florida governor candidate Rick Scott (R)

“I have not been convinced” of the reality of climate change, he told The St. Petersburg Times.  Asked what would convince him, he said, “Something more convincing than what I’ve read.”

Read more about the Florida race.



Charlie Baker

Massachusetts governor candidate Charlie Baker (R)

“I’m not saying I believe in it, I’m not saying I don’t,” he told The Boston Globe. “You’re asking me to take a position on something I don’t know enough about. I absolutely am not smart enough to believe that I know the answer to that question.”

Baker later said he thinks humans are contributing to climate change but he opposes cap-and-trade, Politico reports.  Now his campaign site says, “I’m concerned about the effects of climate change on our environment.”


Bill Brady

Illinois governor candidate Bill Brady (R)

“No, I don’t accept that premise, and it is wrong,” he said last year at an event with other GOP governor contenders, after another candidate said, “I don’t accept the premise that man is the cause of global warming, if global warming even exists.” 

Later, in a questionnaire [PDF] submitted to the Chicago Sun-Times, Brady wrote, “Regardless of one’s belief in global warming, reducing pollution is environmentally sound.”


Paul LePage

Maine governor candidate Paul LePage (R)

“Exactly,” he said, after a radio talk show host said, “the entire global warming thing is a hoax anyway.” And after the host continued, “Not just flawed science — made-up science, lying science,” LePage responded, “Exactly. Al Gore must be just laughing himself into a frenzy here. ‘Cause he’s making millions off it.” Read more from this radio interview with LePage.



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