Paul LePageMaine governor candidate Paul LePage (R) on climate change

Here’s a transcript of excerpts from an appearance LePage made on the “Aroostook Watchmen” radio show on Dec. 8, 2009.  (You can also listen to the audio; excerpted portions start at 17:30 and 24:00.)


Q: You’ve probably heard, in recent days, about the leaking of these memos from the East Anglia university, about the fact that the entire global warming thing is a hoax anyway.

LePage: Exactly.

Q: This is just one minor example of an impact on the economy based on flawed science. Not just flawed science — made-up science, lying science.

LePage: Exactly. Al Gore must be just laughing himself into a frenzy here. ‘Cause he’s making millions off it.

Q: We have this Copenhagen treaty this week, a big hullabaloo in Copenhagen where they’re going to be discussing further ways to penalize the Western nations for our sins of having had an Industrial Revolution. They literally want us to pay reparations to poorer nations, to developing nations. Our president is going to show up at this Copenhagen summit …

LePage: I hope he wakes up this week …

LePage: Right now the science on herring is they don’t know whether or not the herring is in trouble. They readily admit it: “We don’t know. But we want to reduce the quotas just in case.” Well that, to me, is flawed. In that case, you say, “I’m sorry, but we’re going to be fishing until you prove to us that the herring is in trouble.”

Q: That makes perfect sense to me. And that is a microcosm of the whole global-warming debate, you have people saying, “We’re going into a global warming.” You have people saying, “We’re going into a global cooling.” Nobody knows! Nobody really knows. The science is not established. All of what Al Gore might try to say. And yet we’re going to do all these things anyway, just in case.

LePage: Yeah, right, that’s the same. I think what you do is use the best available science and technology, and you try to be as good a steward of the Earth as you possibly can. And you don’t say, well, we’re not going to pay attention. I think you do pay attention to the science. And if you’re proven that there is some damage being done, you have to react to it, I have no problem with that. But to do it just in case, not knowing the science, I think is absur

Q: Right, or to push forward an agenda, which is, look, if you really check into the background of the people pushing this, they are for global government, they could give a rip about the environment — well, they might care a little bit about the environment, but the big prize is control over people.

LePage: That is correct.

Q: That’s what they’re using this whole global warming scare for.

LePage: Absolutely what it is.

Q: So that’s what really bothers me. And then to have these reports of all the changing of data, the elimination of counterpoints on all these peer-reviewed journals, for papers that are just as well established in the science, maybe even grounded better in the science, and then saying, “We’re going to change the rules about how we accept papers.” All of this, I can’t understand how anyone with good conscience puts up with it. And then, despite all these revelations, these globalist, global-warming idiots are just marching forward as though nothing happened.

LePage: Exactly. They buy into the scams, and you know, we just need to fight back.