Regular web searching was not enough. Neither were searches for images, news stories, and things for sale. Our own computers were becoming a web of their own, so there is desktop search to help keep us organized. And who can keep up with the ever-evolving blogosphere? But don’t worry, there is now a search for that too. And the world is apparently not enough for Google.

In addition to niche searches, Google also provides a number of services, such as email, photo management, text and voice messaging, and web page translation. And there is even a rumor that Google wants to get in on the Wi-Fi bandwagon.

So what could possible be the next Google gift to the world? How about sustainable cafes? That’s right; Charlie Ayers, former Google chef, has cashed in his shares and wants to launch a health-conscious and sustainably farmed cafe in Palo Alto, Calif.According to The New York Times, Charlie, while at Google, offered “high-quality, environmentally friendly (think biodegradable flatware), and largely organic meals intended to keep workers happy and fueled, without having to leave work to eat.” And the culture of the Google cafeteria will only be expanded in his new venture:

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Mr. Ayers’s plans include the biodegradable flatware (tested at Google), touch-screen video kiosks to teach children about sustainable agriculture, and a plexiglass compost bin that will demonstrate, over time, the virtues of biodegradable packaging. Patrons will be able to order by touch-screen, and wireless Internet access will be available.

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And this has to be my personal favorite feature:

Mr. Ayers even intends to offer discounts to customers for future orders by pedaling stationary bicycles to help power the restaurant. Though he doesn’t expect the pedal power to make any noticeable difference in the restaurant’s utility bill, he hopes it will help send a message about alternative energy. And it might be fun. “I think it will be popular with those spinning-class people,” he said, referring to the health club exercise classes.

Charlie, if you offer some organic vegan fare, I’m there next time I’m in Palo Alto — bike shorts and all.

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