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Adam Stein lives in Chicago.

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  • Oil prices and the recession

    Economist James Hamilton crunched some numbers and found that the current recession can largely be explained by sub-prime mortgages financial derivatives imploding credit markets insolvent banks winged monkeys the surge in oil prices in 2007 and 2008. It’s a result so unexpected that even Hamilton claims not to believe it entirely, but perhaps we shouldn’t […]

  • Did environmentalists get played on cap and trade?

    Although it’s not his regular beat, Kevin Drum blogs sensibly about carbon policy from time to time. Recently, though, in an otherwise agreeable post about the fecklessness of opponents of climate change legislation, Drum offers up a narrative that is both fairly commonplace and also riddled with misconceptions: It also goes to show how fleeting […]

  • Waxman bill threatens children and elderly, says very concerned power industry

    Reactions to the Waxman energy legislation are going to be pouring in over the coming days and weeks. On an early read, environmentalists are enthusiastic. But who is looking out for society’s most vulnerable? Power companies, of course! Says Scott Segal, chairman of the Electric Reliability Coordinating Council: … the bill’s silence on a method […]

  • Oregon’s successful mileage tax experiment worked smoothly — and helped curb congestion

    Recently I’ve been flogging the concept of a mileage tax, a system of per-mile road usage fees that over time can replace our dysfunctional gasoline tax as a way of funding transportation infrastructure. Although people have raised a lot of interesting objections, I’d like for now to skip ahead and simply describe Oregon’s successful experiment […]