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Articles by Alison F. Takemura, Canary Media

Alison F. Takemura is staff writer at Canary Media. She untangles thorny concepts in the clean energy revolution to make it something everyone can understand and embrace.

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This story was originally published by Canary Media and is republished with permission.

Mark Begansky loves his electric grill. This isn’t your indoor, panini-press-style electric grill; this is an outdoor grill fit for sumptuous summer cookouts on the Fourth of July. Begansky loves to cook mouthwatering kebabs and barbecue chicken, corn and asparagus, getting the edges crisp and making those characteristic sear marks where the food’s caramelized. The look, and, more importantly, the taste are ​“the same as what you’d get from a gas grill,” said Begansky, who works in the healthcare industry and lives in New Jersey.

Switching to an electric grill is a way to jettison yet one more foothold of the fossil fuel industry out of people’s homes and lives. Yet despite their climate advantages and on-par performance, electric grills haven’t yet broken into the public imagination in the U.S. Of grillers surveyed every two years from 2015 to 2021 by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, only 3 to 4 perc... Read more

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