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Articles by Andrée Collier

Andrée Collier (Zaleska) is the co-founder of the JP Green House, and a community organizer at the Institute for Policy Studies. More information about the JP Green House can be found at Andree also blogs and hosts discussion on the psychological effects of Climate Change at the site

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  • The best part about climate change

    On a recent work day at the JP Green House, volunteers came out of the woodwork.Leise JonesOne of the early effects of climate change was the demise of my marriage. I was living a comfortable, middle-class life that was all wrong for my politics, and my essential devotion to simplicity. At some point in my […]

  • Therapy on the Titanic

    A recent Facebook exchange was striking. Someone posted a Washington Post article on the latest climate science. It predicted a temperature rise of 8 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of this century if no systemic changes are made to reduce our carbon output. The better case scenario — in which world governments implement their current […]

  • The fight to save childhood

    Boys will be boys … online or off.School started this week. We have two fourth-graders and a second-grader. Ken has the misfortune to be driving a carpool that involves four boys and two schools and takes about an hour round-trip. I am biking to work every day now, because we’re cutting back to just the […]

  • Blood, sweat, and vision: The JP Green House in its ugly duckling phase

    Innovation in progress. Excuse our dust. For more images from the JP Green House, visit Leise Jones Photography.I was bringing two new friends down the street for a tour of the JP Green House last week. “Now prepare yourselves,” I warned, as I always do, “it’s not bright shiny green yet. You’ll need to use […]