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Articles by Andrew Dessler

Andrew Dessler is an associate professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at Texas A&M University; his research focuses on the physics of climate change, climate feedbacks in particular.

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  • Climate uncertainty is a reason to take action and Fred Singer makes big bucks

    Links: DotEarth links to an interview with economist Gary Yohe about, among other things, uncertainty. Here’s the money quote: e360: You’ve written recently about uncertainty over the future impacts of climate change and how that plays a role in discouraging action in reducing greenhouse gases. How do you spur world action on this issue when […]

  • Where does your food come from?

    I wanted to recommend a story on Emmett Duffy’s Natural Patriot blog about where fast food comes from. This is not a topic I normally post on (or actually know that much about), but I loved this post because it’s a profound message combined with some interesting science.

  • A taxonomy of denial

    As a climate scientist, I have become fascinated with climate skeptics. What makes them tick? Do they believe what they’re saying? A while back, I suggested cognitive dissonance may play a role. Public Radio International has an interesting story on denial. Turns out that, much like a Neapolitan ice cream, it comes in several flavors: […]

  • Climate change and peak oil point us toward the same policies

    This is, I think, one of the underappreciated aspects of the climate problem. I blog about it on Nature‘s Climate Feedback blog. While most pundits put the problems of energy supply and climate in opposition, my view is that a constrained fossil-fuel supply points our society towards the same policies that the climate problem does.