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Articles by Annie Colquitt

Annie Colquitt is a contributor for Food52.

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If baby Jesus was born in a stable, I will bet you a bottle of frankincense that his swaddling clothes were from a thrift store, and you know all of the other style-conscious, pregnant teens were pinning Mary’s upcycled manger-as-crib on their “Farm Animal Nursery” boards. You too can join in this great tradition of holiday DIY thriftiness by crafting stockings out of old sweaters and flannel shirts.

Incorporating these worn objects into your holiday decor is inexpensive, easy, and adds a layer of cozy to your mantle. Each stocking has the opportunity to be as unique as its owner, and below are several different variations on the instructions, so you can choose your own adventure.

What you will need: Old sweater and/or flannel shirt Sewing machine (or a needle and thread if you’re really ambitious) Kraft paper or wrapping paper, for pattern Pins Marker Iron Branch (for display, optional) Ribbon (optional) Glue (optional) Nails (optional)

Food52 / Annie Colquitt

1. Choose your garments.

’Tis the season of second chances, and with this project you can give new life to your beloved sweater that myst... Read more