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Articles by Athena Calderone

Athena Calderone is a contributor for Food52.

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The holidays are all about loved ones. Around this time of year more than any other, I get to play hostess to house guests. It’s a time I cherish — giving the spare bedroom some extra TLC, preparing sweet treats in kitchen, and, overall, making the most of the time we get to spend all together under one roof.

As an added touch, I like to leave this homemade lavender linen spray in my visitors’ room so they can spritz it on their pillows and sheets before bedtime to help make their sleep a little more restful. It also doubles as a sweet takeaway to send home with them.

Food52 / Sarah Elliot

Here are step-by-step instructions for making a few small bottles of it:

What you’ll need: 2 cups distilled water 2 tablespoons vodka or rubbing alcohol 15 to 20 drops lavender essential oil Small clear glass spray bottle Sprig of fresh lavender to put inside the spray bottle, optional

Food52 / Sarah Elliott

How to make the spray:

Combine all of the ingredients in a glass or plastic spray bottle, twist on the cap, and shake well. Add a s... Read more