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Articles by Auden Schendler

Auden Schendler is vice president of sustainability at Aspen Skiing Company, author of Getting Green Done, and a board member of Protect Our Winters.

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  • Poison, poop, and trash: spring in the park

    Yesterday, I was at the park with my kids after dinner, a “night session” as we call it. The dandelions, ubiquitous this time of year, had a distinctly sinister curve to their stems that meant they’d been sprayed recently with 2-4-D, the world’s most widely used herbicide. You can smell it vaguely in the air, […]

  • A foolproof way to talk about climate change

    If you’re like me and have to talk about climate science in public forums a lot, you struggle with the denier community and how to talk about the issue. Personally, I find the denial world so outrageously out of touch that I mostly hit the science head on and then blow the deniers out of […]

  • Meet the Climate Fockers

    Here’a repost from my blog today:   A business colleague and friend recently had a nice conversation with his brother, a doctor visiting from the South. His brother doesn’t think climate change is a problem. It went something like this: Brother: “I’ve been reading some interesting articles about climate change that don’t….” Colleague: “Shut […]

  • The journeys we take at home

    Every day, I hear the same thing from parents of grown children. “Enjoy it while you can, it goes so fast.” With a 3-year old boy, Elias, who consistently wakes up in the middle of the night “needing sumfin” and a 6-year-old girl, Willa, who also wakes up frequently, saying “I just can’t get back […]