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Articles by Azisa Noor

Azisa Noor (she/her) is an art director, a comic artist, and an illustrator based in Bandung, Indonesia. She mainly works in children's literature and on projects for public health and welfare across Indonesia.

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Local legend has it that the great flood — which submerged half of Java and most of her home city of Sukabumi — happened on the eve of a huge Independence Day celebration. A giant stage, complete with TV crews, marching bands, and a whole dangdut troupe, was swept away by the churning waters, never to be seen again.

Which is probably why Lintang is not surprised when the Capital-built warehouse decides to get swallowed by the ground, right on the day its contents were to be center stage for a ceremony she’s been preparing for weeks now. After all, it’s probably just local tradition. Celebrate anything frivolous enough, and disaster will follow in its wake. 

“I swear, Teh, I only ... Read more