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Articles by Ben Tuxworth

Ben Tuxworth is senior adviser at Salterbaxter Communications and an associate at Forum for the Future.

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  • Population increases may thwart U.K. sustainability plans

    Just the usual crowd on a usual day in London…Photo courtesy of Odolphie via flickr Environmentalists in Britain and elsewhere have sometimes been reluctant to talk about population in recent years. But with the U.K. Office of National Statistics projecting a 9 million rise in the country’s population to 70 million by 2030, it’s increasingly […]

  • What to expect from Britain’s new coalition government

    Prime Minister David Cameron and Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne heading out to announce that the government will cut its greenhouse-gas emissions by 10 percent over the next 12 months.Photo: Prime Minister’s OfficeEnvironment policy didn’t break the surface during the U.K. election campaign. How will it fare in a coalition of parties at […]

  • Climate change policy as prescription for British health care?

    Will tackling climate change make us healthier — and save the NHS? Since Michael Moore pumped up Britain’s National Health Service in Sicko, there’s been a fair amount of debate on both sides of the Atlantic as to whether this iconic brand represents a model for other health-care systems in the world, or an unsustainable […]

  • Kyoto stove wins $75,000 FT climate change innovation competition

    We all hate packaging, but the Kyoto box is that rare thing — a cardboard carton that’s part of the solution. It’s also the winner of Forum for the Future’s Climate Challenge competition with HP and the Financial Times to find the year’s best climate change-tackling innovation. After voting by FT readers and mulling over […]