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Articles by Bill Becker

Bill Becker is the executive director of the Presidential Climate Action Project.

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Even Tom Cruise thinks some risky business should be avoided.Like a family that has no homeowner’s insurance, no fire detectors, a gas leak in the basement, and a bad case of denial, the global community remains unprepared for irreversible and potentially catastrophic changes to the Earth’s climate.

What’s needed — quickly — is an international risk management effort, a process that’s more familiar in military and national security circles than it is in environmental and scientific circles.

That process is described in “Degrees of Risk: Defining a Risk Management Framework for Climate Security” — a report just released by the London-based think tank Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G). The report’s recommendations are the result of consultations E3G held over the past two years with military and intelligence leaders in Europe, the United States, and several developing countries. The bottom line:

Climate change is not currently well managed. Agreements at the most recent U.N. climate negotiations in Cancun in 2010 included a goal of limiting climate change to, at most, a 3.6 degree Fahrenheit av... Read more

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