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Articles by Bill Duesing

Bill Duesing is executive director of the Northeast Organic Farmers Association of Connecticut.

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This originally aired on WSHU Public Radio in Fairfield, Conn.


“Gardens are viewed as ‘hobbies’ by most politicians/bureaucrats and administrators and are seldom taken seriously as real sources of real food,” says a University of Connecticut agricultural extension specialist, speaking of the United States Department of Agriculture. This attitude represents a serious impediment to a healthy, and sustainable food supply and society.

Photo: Laura Gibb

Feeding a growing population with shrinking resources without polluting the planet is one of the greatest challenges facing us, locally and globally. The USDA is the world’s largest agricultural research and extension organization. If it doesn’t take gardens seriously as “real sources of real food,” we are in real trouble.

Although we know that organic food sales are growing at over 20 percent annually, the USDA hasn’t collected statistics on organic farms. In Connecticut, there are about 40 certified organic farms, which, like many of the farms in this country, tend to be small and part-time. They probably produce and sell less... Read more