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My real name is Russ Finley. I also have my own blog called Biodiversivist, which contains articles in addition to those submitted to Grist. I live in Seattle, married with children. Suffice it to say that although I am trained and educated as an engineer, my passion is nature. I very much want my grandchildren to live on a planet where lions, tigers, and bears have not joined the long and growing list of creatures that used to be.

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  • The Great Brain Robbery and the Seattle Pee Patch

    The neighborhood dogs use my daughter’s vegetable garden as a communal toilet. You can’t blame them really. The garden is right next to the sidewalk and they are just dogs. I suppose you could blame the dog owners holding the leash. But, are my dog-walking neighbors really that obtuse or are they victims of the […]

  • Nissan Leaf, meet Ford Pinto

    There were two interesting cars parked on my street this week. One was a Nissan Leaf (see my test drive video here). The other was a Ford Pinto. The Pinto was one of the forerunners of today’s small hatchbacks. It had bucket seats with a hand brake between them, a back seat that folded down, […]

  • Review of The Rational Optimist — How Prosperity Evolves

                              Photo courtesy via Flickr Crossposted from the Biodiversivist blog Just how rational are we? Had the optimists not prevailed would the Titanic have sailed? I’ve read most of Ridley’s books and have recently read my favorite, The Red Queen-Sex and the […]

  • Disarming the Food to Fuel Conflict

    Corncob Bob (left) and Bob Dinneen, CEO of the RFA. Crossposted from the Biodiversivist blog In this post I am going to critique an article titled: Disarming the Food to Fuel Conflict …which was written by someone who did not seem to be aware that his main source of information, the Renewable Fuels Association, is […]