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Articles by Bob Perkowitz

Bob Perkowitz is president of ecoAmerica, a trustee of The Sierra Club Foundation and of Environmental Defense, and a partner at VivaTerra LLC.

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There are winners, there are losers, and there are people who just don’t get it.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that in spite of the best efforts of tens of thousands of dedicated environmentalists and the spending of literally hundreds of millions of philanthropic dollars, the environment has been losing.

Hey greens, open your eyes.

Photo: iStockphoto

Not to stretch a point, but if America’s environmentalists were more effective, we might not be suffering from the wars and trade deficits our dependence on oil brings. We might not be spending quite so much — the highest percentage of GDP of any country in the world — on health care.

Face it: environmentalists have been outgunned and outsmarted. But there is hope. Things are starting to change. Powerful people with black hats are trading them in for green capes.

Topping that list is the popular evangelical minister Pat Robertson. He publicly stated last week that, “We really need to address the burning of fossil fuels. It is getting hotter, and the icecaps are melting and there is a buildup of carbon ... Read more