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Articles by Brian Beutler

Brian Beutler is a contributing writer for Grist as well as Washington correspondent for The Media Consortium. In his spare time he writes an eponymous blog.

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  • The terrible omnibus bill

    Rumors began circulating late last Friday -- as the Senate was passing the much-weakened energy bill -- that some terrible provisions had made their way into the omnibus spending package, which will likely face votes in both bodies by the end of the week.

    Now comes word from Friends of the Earth that "the omnibus spending bill expected to come before the House of Representatives tonight and the Senate tomorrow directs $20.5 billion in loan guarantees to nuclear power and $8 billion to the coal industry, with language that includes potential subsidies for the production of coal-to-liquid fuels."

  • Another terrible bill?

    I'll cover the debate over the omnibus spending bill here tomorrow. It's being held until at least then, as the Senate deals with FISA shenanigans, which you can view for the next several hours on C-SPAN 2.

  • Final roll call of votes on the weakened energy bill

    Here's the official roll call (the names won't be up for a few minutes yet). A bittersweet day, to say the least.

  • Weakened energy bill passes

    The bill passes 86 to 8. Again, I will post the full Roll Call when it's posted on the Senate website shortly.