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Articles by Caroline Abels

After giving up factory farmed meat in 2009, Caroline Abels launched, a source of inspiration and information for people attempting to eat humanely raised meat. A former newspaper reporter, Caroline is also the editor of Vermont's Local Banquet magazine.

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Humaneitarian.Even Applegate employees are happier than their counterparts at your average fast food joint.

As the tired masses yearning to breathe free — or just yearning to breathe some fresh air and get off the highway — staggered into the Milford, Conn., rest stop along I-95 northbound recently, most of them headed towards the McDonald’s or the Sbarro, hungry lemmings about to jump off a cliff of grease, fat, and factory farmed meat.

But my friend Gerry and I, we knew better. We turned left and kept walking, towards a corner of the rest stop dining area where we’d been told we would find organic hot dogs made from pigs that got to go outside, and chicken sandwiches made from chickens that got to act like chickens.

We arrived at the counter of Good to Go and were greeted by the friendliest fast food manager I’ve ever met, Shaun Rowe (pictured above). He told us that Good to Go only serves meat from Applegate, a major company that sells organic and natural meats and prioritizes animal welfare. He also said there was beef chili on the menu made from grass-fed beef from Kinderhook Farm in Col... Read more

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