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Articles by Caroline Lange

Caroline Lange is an assistant editor at Food52.

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The decision to begin a garden feels a bit like what I imagine the decision to skydive or bungee jump feels like: You’re excited! You have a vision! You make arrangements for the day you’ll do the skydiving/bungee-jumping/gardening deed and then it comes, and you approach the edge of the plane door/cliff/plot and suddenly your heart is pumping and all you can think is What. Have. I. Done.

Tighten your harness. Take a deep breath. You’ve got a team of trained professionals right behind you: author and small-space gardening expert Marie Viljoen; Ceci de Corral, the design and installations manager at the rooftop farm and educational center Brooklyn Grange; and the author and gardener Alex Mitchell.

Here are 23 of their best tips for starting your first garden:

On getting started

Food52/James Ransom

1. Just start. “Really, just start. Buy a pot. Buy potting soil,” says Viljoen. You’ll already be halfway to a garden by the time you decide what to plant in it.

2. Read up. “Educate yourself on the veggies you are choosing and their needs,” de Corral... Read more

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