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Articles by Cathy Huyghe

Cathy Huyghe is a food writer and environmentalist who recently moved from Las Vegas to the seafood-rich shores of Massachusetts.

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Quick: Where can you eat vegan doughnuts for breakfast, vegetarian Chinese for lunch, and 13-bean soup for an afternoon snack? Hint: In the same city, you can feast on sustainable fish for dinner, prepared by one of the country’s celebrity chefs, and Kind Apple Cobbler for dessert — the “raw” version.

New York? Maybe. Seattle? Probably. Las Vegas? Definitely.

Surprised? The locals aren’t.

Green? You bet your life.

All-night buffets and free cocktails are Vegas’ usual claim to culinary fame, but their notoriety has overshadowed long-established, healthier outposts: a pick-your-own orchard, a natural-foods store, a vegan doughnut shop. Now a quietly growing movement is offering residents and visitors even more health- and earth-friendly options.

From vegan desserts to sustainable seafood, Sin City is polishing its palate. And with more than 1.8 million residents living in Clark County and 38.5 million tourists descending each year, there are plenty of mouths to feed. But like everything in Vegas, all this goodness comes with a price.

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