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Articles by Chi-Hoon Kim

Chi-Hoon is an Anthropology of Food PhD Student at Indiana University. A graduate of Wesleyan University and The School of Oriental and African Studies, she has worked at the Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum, a think-tank for the United Nations. Her research interests include gastrodiplomacy, food neophobia, and culinary tourism, and she can be found online at

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A deep-frozen airline meal.

Food Studies features the voices of 11 volunteer student bloggers from a variety of different food- and agriculture-related programs at universities around the world. You can explore the full series here.

“Airline meals are just awful! Why in the world would you want to learn about that?”

This is the usual reaction I get from people when I tell them what I have been studying for the past three years. Airline meals are notorious for their poor quality and tastelessness. It’s now the norm to pack your own meal for domestic short-haul flights. Many airlines have cut back or eliminated meal service all together.

On the other hand, some airlines, especially in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, have bumped up the quality, composition, and presentation of their meals. It may be hard to imagine, but I really enjoy eating Korean Air’s bibimbap (rice mixed with vegetables, meat, sesame oil, and koch’ujang — a hot pepper paste) on my way to and from Seoul — it is light, flavorful, and nutritious.

My interest in airline meals was first piqued when I flew Air Mauritius in May 2008. Rig... Read more

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