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Articles by Collin Dunn

Collin Dunn writes from Tacoma, Wash.

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73 — percentage of Americans who think political candidates’ positions on the environment are “very important” or “somewhat important”1 61 — percentage who say they are either active participants in or sympathizers with the environmental movement2 30 — percentage who list the environment as an “extremely important” factor in deciding for whom to vote3 49 — percentage who list both the economy and terrorism as “extremely important” factors in deciding for whom to vote3 51 — percentage who say the U.S. government is doing too little to protect the environment2 35 — percentage who believe that the Bush administration is weakening environmental protection policies2 9 — percentage who believe that the Bush administration is strengthening environmental protection policies2 75 — percentage who favor imposing mandatory controls on carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases2 83 — percentage of Democratic National Committee members who think President Bush is “very vulnerable” on the issue of the environment4 50.4 — percentage of the voting-age public in Ame... Read more