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Craig Severance is a practicing CPA who has written and been involved on energy issues for over 30 years. He is author of "Business Risks and Costs of New Nuclear Power" (PDF) and writes at Energy Economy Online.

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  • Job losses push need for energy bill

    America’s urgent need for new job creation may be the driver that pushes the Senate to pass a jobs and energy bill this year. After the loss of 8.4 million jobs in the current Great Recession, Congress is searching desperately for any means to create new jobs. Unemployment vs. deficit “conundrum” As former Treasury Secretary […]

  • Enabling wind, sun to be our main power supplies

    As the world meets this December to set plans to halt global warming, it is expected America and other industrial nations will commit to a daunting task: reduce CO2 emissions 80% by 2050. In just 40 years, a complete revolution in how we use and supply our power must happen, or the world will face […]