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  • Generation X can make a difference.

    As my inaugural blog for Gristmill, I'd like to send a shout out -- or rather, to put out an APB -- for Generation X, or what I would like to call my "Lost Generation."

    No offense to Larry Page or Sergey Brin. You have shown that youth -- thrown in the deep end far too early -- can actually rise to the challenge, blossoming into revolutionary 25-35 year olds who truly change the world.

    While past industrial revolutionists created the steam engine, the cotton en(gin)e, and the diesel engine, you created and revolutionized the search engine, and have revolutionized the internet. Good show!

    But, honestly, where are your 1,000 counterparts, working together at every level of industry, government, and the nonprofit sector, to address our generation's Cold War -- the threat of global warming?