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David Korten is author of When Corporations Rule the World and The Post-Corporate World.

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Delegates to the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle will be met by as many as 50,000 protesters from all around the world. WTO advocates seek to dismiss the protestors as anti-trade extremists who want to turn back the clock on human progress. In truth, the vast majority of the protestors will be coming from mainstream churches, unions, universities, independent businesses, and a wide variety of civic organizations concerned with such issues as democracy, economic justice, peace, and the environment. By contrast, the WTO’s most ardent proponents are corporate CEOs, professional lobbyists, P.R. consultants, trade bureaucrats, and politicians beholden to corporations for political contributions.

Sunny Seattle.

Few, if any, of the protesters want to stop trade, close borders, or desert the poor. Most are deeply committed to international cooperation to achieve peace, end poverty, secure the human rights of all people, and protect the living earth. They call for fair trade that is beneficial to people and communities, not free trade that allows corporations to bid down labor and environmental standards everywhere, while dema... Read more