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Articles by Dinara Tengri

Dinara Tengri (she/her) is a Kazakh-Swedish author, podcaster, and digital creator who lives in Malmö. Her short stories have been published in a Swedish anthology (Arkipelag) and Support for Indie Authors. Her record time for completing Prince of Persia 1989 is 29 minutes. She would like to dedicate this story to her old writing partner, Melissa Judson.

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You must have not gone too far if you were able to find your way back.

-Kazakh proverb

AulvillageDastarkhandinner table, feastToi FeastBeshparmakCentral Asian dish made from lamb, flat dough, and brothPialaSmall ceramic bowlBalam My childZhuregimMy heartApaAunt, grandmotherApamMy motherAğaUncle, older brotherSeksewilA low thorny tree native in Aral

Six years ago, Madina’s daughter left their home aul, Zholaman, by the North Aral Sea and never came back. In her stead, came a son.

Madina had always known that Aizhan was different. From the moment she had said her first word, she didn’t speak like any girl Madina had known. God plays funny tricks sometimes... Read more