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Frank Sesno is Director of the School of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University, an Emmy-award winning journalist, and host and creator of Planet Forward.

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Last week, Danica May Camacho of the Philippines became the world’s symbolic seven billionth person. The occasion drew mixed feelings in the policy world — what does a booming global population mean for climate risks?

To cite one issue, leaders are worried about the declining supply of water in regions vital to economic growth. This isn’t merely a problem for the developing areas. Tuvalu is suffering its worst run of droughts in decades, and even Texas is finding its agricultural and electrical infrastructure strained by what the New York Times calls “catastrophic droughts.”

Municipalities are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their “greywater” management facilities, and local innovations could be the key. Greywater is wastewater generated from daily activities like washing dishes and doing the laundry. It’s often recycled by cities for uses such as landscape irrigation, fountains and local wetlands.

Managing greywater is a vital part of civic life in the Southwest United States, where every drop of water is a precious resource. States like California, Arizona an... Read more

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  • Gulf Oil Slick Makes Climate Negotiations Slippery, Says Utility Exec

    Even before BP capped the oil spill, the Washington Post declared a loss for environmentalists. It’s been 3 months and we haven’t seen a cap on carbon, what gives? “Traditionally, American environmentalism wins its biggest victories after some important piece of American environment is poisoned, exterminated or set on fire. An oil spill and a […]

  • Going Under (Video)

    Tuvalu, Mauritius, Kiribati, Bangladesh. Every nation sitting at sea level is going to lose in its own way if oceans rise, but these four will be especially affected…and none are major contributors to the sources behind the rise in sea level. The average carbon footprint of a person living in Bangladesh is about 1.1 tons […]

  • An Electrifying Vision: 20 Million Plug-in Hybrids in 5 Years (Video)

    With the backdrop of devastated communities and ecosystems in the Gulf, President Obama took the opportunity to challenge the nation to move our clean energy transition forward–but what would that look like? Marc Spitzer of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) makes his case for a transformation of our vehicle fleet to plug-ins. He is […]

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    Is Wind Energy the Magic Bullet for our Energy Future? (Video)

    Last year, the wind industry employed more workers than coal mining, according to a report released by the American Wind Energy Association. Wind energy jobs increased 70 percent to 85,000 in 2008, 4,000 more workers than are employed in coaling mining (based of Department of Energy figures). But is it the magic bullet that will […]