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Fred Krupp is head of the Environmental Defense Fund.

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Fred Krupp

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Ken Ward tracks the evolution of EDF’s position on climate legislation in search of evidence that we’ve relented on tough global warming pollution limits since making climate change a top priority more than ten years ago. He sees our support of the Climate Security Act as a retreat from bold action, as surrender to what’s merely possible in Congress. Far from it.

What shapes our advocacy and our support for that bill is not, as Ken suggests, the limits of politics-as-usual in Washington. It’s shaped by the urgent need to begin reducing global warming pollution — and the fact that as a nation we have failed to take action despite two decades of evidence that we are in deep trouble.

As I told Grist a few months ago, the world and all of its inhabitants face a crisis due to the continuing buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. We are already seeing the consequences: melting glaciers, rising sea levels, strengthening hurricanes, dying coral reefs, disappearing summer sea ice in the Arctic.

In my view, conc... Read more

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