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Grist's Leadership Team includes the organization's Chief Executive Officer and other members of senior management.

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Beginning last year, to complement the ongoing work toward nurturing a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) at our organization, Grist’s CEO and the internal staff DEIJ working group committed to releasing annual figures on staff demographics. We also made a number of public commitments to tangible DEIJ priorities at Grist. We’re pleased to report back on those commitments below.

Commitment: Increase representation of people of color, particularly Black and Indigenous staff, across Grist in management, our programs, and in all other organizational departments. We’re specifically focused on increasing representation of PoC on our Board and the proportion of BIPoC writers and editors on our editorial team.


Staff representation: We made some important gains in our representation as a staff over the past year. Our Black and Indigenous representation doubled, with an increase on our Editorial team, in addition to other parts of Grist. Our Latinx representation with the organi... Read more