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  • World Bank Defangs Watchdog

    The World Bank has stripped residents of developing nations of one way to protest environmental damage done by bank-funded dams and development projects. The bank’s executive board bowed to pressure from big developing nations, including Brazil and India, and weakened an internal watchdog panel that investigates alleged environmental and social disruptions from projects. Grassroots development […]

  • Slower Pussycat, Don't Kill! … Don't Kill!

    Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep have been awarded emergency protection under the federal Endangered Species Act, a move that could lead to the shooting of mountain lions that prey on the sheep. About 100 adult bighorns remain in California’s High Sierra wilderness. California voters in 1990 approved a ballot measure banning the sport hunting of mountain […]

  • One Fish, Two Fish, I Can Eat You, Fish

    The seafood industry has teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund to create a seal of approval and a certifying system for seafood caught from sustainable fisheries. The Marine Stewardship Council announced the new system yesterday, and more than 200 corporate, government, and voluntary groups have jumped on board. The seal of approval will begin […]

  • River (of Grass) Phoenix

    The wildfires raging through 160,000 acres in the Florida Everglades are part of a natural cycle and will help renourish the ecosystem, forestry officials say. Most animals have survived, and the blazes burn dry bush and make room for new plant growth. “This is actually like a rebirth process. Three months from now you probably […]