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Articles by Jane Mountain

Jane Mountain is almost always thinking about food. Occasionally she stops long enough to share practical tips for greener living on My Five Acres. She also has huge dreams of one day living in a tiny tiny house.

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Like real celebrities, real food doesn’t need to shout about its health benefits. Processed foods, on the other hand, need all the help they can get.

Fat free! Now with whole grains! Only 100 calories! Zero grams trans fat! All-natural!

Fake health foods are the carnival barkers of the grocery store, shouting at you from every aisle, promising longevity, beauty, and true happiness, if only you’ll buy them. Fake health food is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a vicar in a tutu. Here are some of the worst examples:

Vitamin-enriched water is often filled with sugar. Most of them also make big health claims (mood enhancing, energizing, more brain power, etc.) with no evidence to back them up.

Vegetable chips are just chips. They are deep-fried, and contain plenty of fat, salt, and empty calories, just like any other chip.

Granola is super-awesome hippie health food, right? Not usually. Most granolas are loaded with sugar and fat. Make your own!

Flavored yogurt contains fruit, right? Yes, but it’s usually highly processed fruit. Also: sugar, sugar, and more sugar.

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