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Articles by Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson is a senior fellow at USC Annenberg's Institute for Justice and Journalism, and a veteran environmental reporter based in California.

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Photo: Official Avatar Movie photostream via FlickrHe’s made the highest grossing film on the planet, but Hollywood mega-director James Cameron is now promoting “Avatar” as the most successful environmental film of all time, too.  Really.

“There is no studio anywhere in the world who would say an environmental message would make $3 billion … I can’t think of any other really commercially successful ones, can you?” he said during an interview at a Santa Monica fundraiser last Monday for the environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council.

“‘WALL-E’, maybe?” replied his wife, actress Suzy Amis Cameron.

It was Amis Cameron who asked an astonished, grateful NRDC if they would like her husband to appear at a quickly arranged fundraiser starring Cameron and his sci-fi blockbuster, which features a mother tree deity. The film is nominated in nine Oscar categories, after all, including best director and best picture.  Hooking up with NRDC was, if you think about, perfectly natural. 

Talking to a graduate film student at the event, Cameron warmed to his message that heR... Read more

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  • Ahnold promises ‘action’ at California climate summit

    Photo: Peter GrigsbyGov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his best buddies from around the world flexed their muscles at the second annual Global Climate Summit in Los Angeles this week. Actor Harrison Ford, chimp expert Jane Goodall, and a slate of A-list dignitaries from 70 countries packed a Century City luxury hotel to debate how best to […]

  • At Governator’s climate party, EPA chief aims to calm small business worries

    LOS ANGELES — EPA administrator Lisa Jackson unveiled a modest proposal on Wednesday: If a company wants to build a new power plant or refinery, or fix up a smoky old belcher, it will have to use the best available technology to control greenhouse gases. That’s it. Oh, and the Dunkin Donuts of the country […]

  • EPA to review 2008 Bush action on lead emissions

    Are we there yet? EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has decided she’ll take another look at monitoring of car battery recyclers, concrete kilns and power plants that spew dangerous lead emissions. She did not say she’d toughen up the monitoring, but clean air advocates are hopeful. “It’s a step in the right direction for public health, […]

  • Did Waxman-Markey’s ancestors really deliver on their promises?

    President Obama is betting that a cap-and-trade program can help solve the climate crisis. Southern California leaders hoped the same thing when they set up a cap-and-trade program to clean up the region’s air. The results? See above. Photo: jordansmall via Flickr Nearly 20 years ago, a novel program called “cap and trade” was rolled […]