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Articles by Jaweed Kaleem

Jaweed Kaleem is The Huffington Post's Senior Religion Reporter. He also writes about death, dying, grief and the end of life. Jaweed focuses on how religious views and practices intersect with and influence the cultural, demographic and political shifts taking place in the American and global religious landscapes. He has written extensively on the Roman Catholic church, evangelical Christians, Mormonism and Muslim Americans. His reporting has taken him from Jakarta to Karachi with stops in Seattle, Salt Lake City and Birmingham, Alabama. In 2014, Jaweed reported on Islam in Indonesia as a Senior Fellow at the East-West Center and, in 2013, he wrote extensively from Pakistan on the growing persecution of religious minorities as an International Center for Journalists Henry Luce Fellow in Global Religion.

Featured Article

This story was originally published by Huffington Post and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

In a highly anticipated papal letter released June 18, Pope Francis called on Catholics worldwide to make safeguarding the environment and battling climate change an urgent and top priority of the 21st century.

In the lengthy treatise, more broadly addressed to “every person” who lives on Earth, the pope lays out a moral case for supporting sustainable economic and population growth as part of the church’s mission and humanity’s responsibility to protect God’s creation for future generations. While saying that there were natural causes to climate change over the Earth’s history, the letter also says in strong words that human activity and production of greenhouse gases are to blame.

I invite all to pause to think about the challenges we face regarding care for our common home. #LaudatoSi

— Pope Francis (@Pontifex) June 18, 2015

We need a new dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet. #LaudatoSi

— Pope Francis (@Pontifex) June 18, 2015

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