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Jeff Biggers is the American Book Award-winning author of Reckoning at Eagle Creek: The Secret Legacy of Coal in the Heartland (The Nation/Basic Books). His website is:

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The new agreement marks a significant turning point for Kentucky.Thanks to a powerful and growing New Power grassroots movement, a broad alliance of Kentucky activists sent an electrifying message across the nation today: A just transition to a clean energy future, even in the heartland of coal country Kentucky, is possible.

Recognizing the spiraling costs of coal-fired plant construction and more practical energy efficiency and renewable energy options, the East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) has agreed to halt its once fervent plans to construct two coal-burning power plants in Clark County.

The announcement comes nearly one year after American Municipal Power abandoned its plans to build a coal-fired power plant along the Ohio River in Meigs County, and shifted the battle between coal-fired plants and New Power sources to Kentucky.

Led by EKPC members, the Sierra Club, Kentucky Environmental Foundation, and Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, along with individual co-op members Wendell Berry, Father John Rausch, and Dr. John A. Patterson, the announcement comes as an extraordinary shift in the national debate over coal-fired energy.

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  • Love, in the Time of Blasting

    This is the scene, when the coal-fired electricity that lights up New York City’s neon theatre district lowers on stage: We are inside the home of Marie and Hovie, a young couple living in the mountain holler of Eagle Creek. With their family’s 150-year-old homestead threatened by a planned mountaintop removal strip-mining operation, Hovie, a […]

  • Road Map, Not Regulations, Will Bring Coal Free Future

    Note: This is a guest post by Stephanie Pistello, Ben Evans, and Jeff Biggers, co-founders of the Coal Free Future Project.  In the wake of the worst coal mining disaster in 40 years, compromise and political machinations this spring have resulted in a regulatory crisis of failure; workplace safety in the mines, including the black lung […]

  • Reclaiming Earth Day

    How do you celebrate Earth Day, when your homeland or homeplace has been stripmined into oblivion? For my family, standing in the ruins of our 150-year-old homestead in the devastated historic community of Eagle Creek, in the Shawnee Forest of southern Illinois, we turned to guerilla reclamation: My billie boys, the 9th generation of Eagle […]

  • President Must End 200 Years of Regulated Manslaughter

    At 3:30pm EST today, residents in West Virginia and across the nation will be observing a moment of silence for the fallen coal miners in last week’s Upper Big Branch mine disaster, their families, and the rescue crews. Everyone in the nation–across the 48 states that burn coal for electricity–should take this moment to consider […]