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Articles by Jeff St. John, Canary Media

Jeff St. John is director of news and special projects at Canary Media. He covers the intersection of technological, economic and regulatory issues influencing the global transition to low-carbon energy in the electricity, transportation and building sectors.

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This story was originally published by Canary Media and is part of its special series “The Tough Stuff: Decarbonizing steel, cement and chemicals.”

Holcim Group, the largest cement manufacturer outside of China, has a dilemma.

On the one hand, its line of business couldn’t be more solid — cement is, after all, one of the building blocks of the modern world. But producing the material emits enormous amounts of planet-warming carbon dioxide, surpassing the emissions of every country in the world except China and the U.S. These days, the Swiss company, like its handful of global cement manufacturing peers, is feeling increasing pressure to do something about it.

Holcim has managed to chip away at its emissions in recent years: Its 2022 annual report cited a 21 percent reduction in carbon emissions per unit of net sales from direct production and electricity consumption compared to the year before. The company has made progress largely because of a shift to lower-ca... Read more

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