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Articles by Jennifer Granholm

Jennifer Granholm is the governor of Michigan. Connect with her on Facebook.

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“BREAKING: Large air spill at wind farm. No threats reported. Some claim to enjoy the breeze.”— From Twitter, after the BP Oil Spill

The recent oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and Michigan’s Kalamazoo River are the exclamation point on the case for why we need to move toward clean energy solutions for our energy needs. In Michigan, our big, hairy, audacious goal is to make our state the international hub of the clean energy industry, creating jobs by transforming Michigan from rust belt to green belt.

On Thursday, I took part in the first Wind Energy Michigan Supplier Symposium, hosted by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and General Electric at GE’s new Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center in Van Buren Township. The event was a first step in helping GE — the U.S. market-share leader for large utility-scale wind turbines — to identify potential suppliers in Michigan that are bringing forth innovation and talent to fill gaps in the wind-turbine supply chain.

GE is searching for suppliers in Michigan because our state has focused not just on harnessing the wind for power, but also o... Read more