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Articles by Jeremy Hart

Jeremy Hart is a freelance writer based in London. He writes for outlets such as The Sunday Times, The Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, and The National Post in Canada. He has know Jay Leno for 10 years and works with Jay on his columns for publications worldwide.

Featured Article

Ford custom built two battery-powered Ford Focus cars for Jay Leno, who will put celebrities behind the wheel for a segment on his new primetime NBC show.Courtesy Ford / Jay Leno ShowHollywood has is green crusaders. But Jay Leno, whose garage in Los Angeles (despite solar paneling, a steam engine and wind turbine power) is a veritable shrine to the internal combustion engine, has never been considered one.

But now, as part of his new show on NBC, Leno might just have come up with a concept that will strike an eco chord in Hollywood, and then on Main Street USA. Mr. Petrolhead could just have become Mr. Electric Car.

The new Jay Leno Show features one of the most high-profile green initiatives to date. On average, twice a week, Leno will ask his A-list guests to take part in a segment on the show called the Green Car Challenge.

“We will be asking guests to set a time round a track in the NBC parking lot in an electric Ford Focus and seeing who the fastest green celebrity is. Being a green car, celebrities can save the world and race at the same time,” Leno explains out on his Burbank lot.

By marrying a zero-emission Ford with the most ... Read more