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The following is a reply to a post by Michael Tobis entitled “Should economics rule?“


“Should Economics Rule?“

Well, I take it that Michael means to suggest that someone out there — in this case, me — would contend that economic analysis should dictate climate policy. I do not hold that opinion. For a brief defense of my position, see my post on the matter at the Cato Institute website. By the way, even a lot of scientists held in high esteem by the Grist crowd would have little complaint with my argument that scientists are in no position as scientists to dictate public policy. See, for instance, these comments by Prof. Mike Hulme, founding director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.

“Is one a Marxist or even a Stalinist for pointing out that economists are not, themselves, necessarily right about everything?”

I don’t know quite what that means. No one among us — no matter what their academic training — is “right” about everything … so far as I know. The consensus beliefs within any academic discipline are unlikely... Read more