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Jess Zimmerman was the editor of Grist List.

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  • Awesome cityscapes made from discarded textbooks

    What do you do with unwanted textbooks? Chinese artist Liu Wei makes spectacular carved-book cityscapes.

  • 86-year-old man turns island into tortoise sanctuary

    [youtube=] Back in 1962, Brendon Grimshaw bought Moyenne Island, in the Seychelles, for £8,000 (which at the time would have been about $22,000). He started living there in 1972, and since that time he’s been the island’s only permanent resident — aside from the 120 giant tortoises for whom Grimshaw’s island is a sanctuary. The […]

  • R.I.P. Adam Yauch, musician and activist

    Adam Yauch, aka MCA, was the co-founder and beating progressive heart of the Beastie Boys, who not only made some of the most defining music of the 1980s and ’90s but were among the first celebrities (at least in my memory) to go activist without sacrificing their cool. Yauch, who died today at the criminally […]

  • Brace yourself for tomorrow’s supermoon

    Saturday is the night to engage in your moon-related activities — blow it up, write your name on it, release your singing marmoset creatures, whatever — because you’ll have a pretty good view. It’s a “supermoon,” where the moon is closer to earth in its orbit than normally — and it’s going to be the […]