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Articles by Jesse Jenkins

Jesse Jenkins is the director of energy and climate policy at the Breakthrough Institute. He is also the founder and chief editor of WattHead: Energy News and Commentary and writes frequently at several other sites.

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Steven Chu appears before the House Energy and Commerce Committee today.Cross-posted from the Breakthrough Institute.

Step right up to see the latest chapter in the ongoing political circus surrounding the bankruptcy of solar manufacturer and federal loan guarantee recipient Solyndra. Today’s main attraction: Secretary of Energy Steven Chu’s long-awaited appearance before the eager Republican members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Key questions remain about the ill-fated solar manufacturer’s dramatic demise earlier this year. Unfortunately, investigations on the Hill long ago veered into the realm of political point-scoring, rather than a serious inquiry designed to improve federal support for nascent and nationally critical clean energy technologies.

Taking a step back from the circus on the Hill, let’s make two things very clear.

First, the global energy system is modernizing and diversifying. For an array of motivations, from public health and climate change to security and economic growth, today’s economies demand a 21st-century suite of clean and reliable energy technologies to supply the $5 trill... Read more

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